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Lightworker Course

The Magic of Your Light

Would you like to know why you came here and what your purpose is? Do you feel cut off from your own light and identity? Do you want to discover your unique gifts and learn how to use them? Come explore, play, download, learn, and clear the path to align with your most joyful, meaningful life with me in this in-depth online course.


Become aligned with your purpose by enrolling in this online lightworker course.


Higher Self Embodiment

Body Magic

Join me in this short, but powerful online course where we discover how to balance 3D and 5D reality through Body Magic. Learn to gracefully accept this reality and how to make space for your Higher Self so that you can enjoy your earthly experiences and establish a deep connection with your inner light.

Michelle Magic Medium

Meet Your Facilitator

Each course has been lovingly and meticulously designed to empower you to be your true self, which is aligned with my mission, purpose and vision for humanity.

My supportive 8th frequency Light team and work to bring about deep healing, enlightened knowledge, and loving support. Our goal is to enable each and every course participant to reach their full potential and discover their own purpose in life.


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