Lightworker Course – Channeling Level 01

The Magic of Your Light LIVE

+ Leading Light

+ Live sessions
  • Includes everything in The Magic of Your Light, plus:
  • 4 x Live Clearing Calls
  • One-on-One session
  • 2 x Bonus Audio Meditations

Invest in Yourself

Do you want to know what your purpose is and why you came here? Do you feel disconnected with yourself and your own light? Do you want to discover or learn to use your unique gifts? Join me for a six month live online course where we dive into the ether to discover, play, download, learn, and clear the way for you to align with your most joyous, purposeful life.

This course is Level 1 of the complete channeling course, The Magic of Channeling.

Starts 15 January 2024








About This Course

Why Enrol?

Your light is the essence of what defines you as a soul. In this course you are invited to discover your light, who you truly are, and what you came here to learn and experience. I guide you to your connection with Source Consciousness so you may understand your part of it. Together, we explore your unique gifts, what they are and how to use them. You will learn the fundamentals of the nature of reality, touch on a variety of modalities and what it means to be a Lightworker.

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Module 1: The Reality of Light

  • Unconditional love
  • My journey
  • Your journey so far
  • What is Light Magic?
  • What is your light?
  • History of the universe
  • Universal laws
  • PRACTICAL – establishing a daily self care practice

Module 2: The Magic of Energy

  • Connect & Interact with your Higher Self
  • Self Awareness (emotions, body, mind, energy)
  • Ground, clear and protect
  • Energy Centres (3D & 5D)
  • Staying energised & motivated
  • How to practice self compassion
  • Self care (from physical to spiritual)
  • PRACTICAL – self energy practice

Module 3: The Magic of Light

  • Perceptions of data & information
  • The clairs of information (recognising, understanding & discernment)
  • Tools of Light
  • Modalities of light
  • PRACTICAL – workshopping your gifts and most aligned practices

    Module 4: Your Personal Light Magic

    • Deeper interaction with higher self 
    • Soul purpose
    • Current soul mission
    • Interact with light guides
    • Tapping into presence & flow
    • Being of service (contracts & ethics)
    • PRACTICAL – designing your own magic & facilitating sessions


    What light is, the foundations of reality and how to connect and work with your light.


    The True Nature of Reality


    How to Apply Universal Laws


    The Modalities of Light


    What it means to be a Lightworker, harness and use your own unique gifts.


    Your Own Magic


    Your Soul’s Purpose


    Your Mission Here


    Your natural alignment and flow, working with your unique light to fulfill your mission.


    Your Natural Abilities


    Design Your Own Practice


    Facilitate Sessions

    Participant Voices

    Definitely getting more than I expected…and already seeing shifts in my life 🙂


    Your Facilitator

    Michelle Magic Medium


    Build Relevant Skills

    Learn from an industry expert how to apply various modalities in practice. Focus on the skills that are the most aligned with you to step into your true path.

    Get The Right Path From The Best Source

    Learn to follow your inner wisdom to maximise your potential as an awakened individual or lightworker.

    Learn From A Professional

    Michelle is a professional medium, trans channel, soul shaman and soul coach. Learn how to connect and work with yourself and others on a deeper level to connect, release toxic patterns, and live in flow.

    • Mediumship
    • Conscious Trans Channeling
    • Light Language & Lightcodes
    • Light Body Upgrades



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